Sunday, March 4, 2012

Yuli's Testimony - Church camp 2009

my frst church camp

wah… ngak terasa udh 1 mg blk ke sg. setelah kmrn ke KL buat church camp, gw bener2 ngerasa being refreshed. gw pergi ke church camp dgn expectasi biar Tuhan kasih gw sesuatu yg baru. dan bener gw bs ngerasain gmn Tuhan blh pulihin diri gw dan hub an gw sm dia. dan 1 lagi yg Tuhan pulihin, Tuhan pulihin hub gw sm bro n sis. n di ajarin buat menghargai setiap relationship yg ada. gw jg bs ngeliat gmn Tuhan give abck the confidence yg gw udh lost. dan He proved me wrong. a lot of think that i hold and i always think that i am right and i am ok with this situation. but once again he bring me to his presence and rebuke and rebuild me again.
the theme Heroes, make me to realise that we are the heroes in His eyes. yeah… yuli-moon. show time. hahahhaha. jgn iri yah… ^-^
anyway i really dun want to miss this kind of chance to be in the mt sinai. hehehehhehe. so frens if there is any chance to be in the mt sinai again dun miss it. lets we meet up with God again in Mt sinai.

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