Sunday, March 4, 2012

Indo 5th Anniversary

Indo Anniversary 5th

I’m rotting at home this Sunday.
Editing photos, uploading them, tagging people and finally I’m gonna blog about it.
I had fun last saturday on my Church Anniversary!
We got cheering and performance and of course our unit won the prize!
Well, let me post here few pics that I like…
This entry I’m gonna post a lot of pics and less words… Let the pictures speak.
First is the bday cake! It’s huge. I didn’t eat a piece of it though.. It looks yummy but that night I lost my appetite..

Our lovely and pretty guitarist, Yanna…
Velly and our new drum set ^_^

Our duo ‘rapper’ Jorry and Goto. They were MC of the day.

and couple of the day… Velly & Nia.

Fina & Andrew

The praise & worship…

And groups photos

Our lovely and funny pastors… Ps. Jeff & “Ps. Jorry” :p

It was very fun and a lot of people coming
It was great anniversary ^_^
I enjoyed a lot, the performance, the cheering, praise and worship, sermon and photos session!
Even though I was busy running here and there but I enjoyed a lot.
I hope the picture can describe the fun I had.
and do join us next time in our next event! There will have a lot of fun too…
Our next event: Indo Fiesta

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