Sunday, March 4, 2012

Uci Bday 2009

Uci’s Bday part 2

Okay, now since I have uploaded Uci’s bday photos, let me blog a little bit about it.
Here let me present the Bday gal!

So happy can see the real cake after Hery bluffed her to blow from a lighter only. :p

We give Edwin book as the gift.
Ah not forgetting the “Dare” part
There were 2 dares:
1. Nempel di pintu dengan muka pengen.

2. Sing happy bday to me in the center of the restaurant.

As usuall, make a wish and blow the candle

Finally the bday present from caregroup

Group photo without me… :(

and group photo with me :), do you notice who’s missing?

Ok, let me close this entry with Uci’s bday cake.
It’s tiny but actually we don’t want to buy her cake since she was sick that day. Sorethroat. Cannot eat cake, but naughtily she ordered Lychee Soda!

andd…. lychee soda!

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