Sunday, March 4, 2012

Shine’s Heroes part 2: Opening Ceremony

Shine’s Heroes part 2: Opening Ceremony

Camp Opening Ceremony
We had performance about Heroes vs. Villains.
Our group became Heroes, we brought the story about Angel and Demon in Soccer Match.
Let me proudly present The Angel.

and the Devil.

The story mainly was about the Soccer Match between Angel and Devil. The referee is the Satan. Of course He won’t let the Angel win so easily.
They play cheat and tricks.
To cut the story short, the Angel Team was cornered.
We prayed and called our Hero, Jesus.

Jesus saves the world and the Angel Team won the match!
Let’s see the slow motion below:

If you see clearly, the ball is actually the globe. The world. That’s why our theme is “Jesus saves the world”In the end of the day we won the “OSCAR” Award with category “The most outstanding hero”
Yeah, so excited about the camp. It was so fun and exciting. Don’t miss out the next year camp!

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