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Facing The Giant

by Nia.
Jun 10, 2009 4:35 PM

Okay let me updates u on shine 2 movie activity last saturday.

We went to watch movie at Kiki’s place @ kembangan. The movie title is “Facing The Giant”. It’s a must movie for those who have not watch it. The movie is about “Faith in God”. The morale of the movie is ” There is nothing imposible when God is on your side”.  Facing the Giant is facing the fear n obstacle in our life wif Jesus hand in hand.

While watching movie, we were having tidbits as well, and we can see who like tidbits and never stop eating the tidbits…it’s quite fun to watch movie together at home setting 
oia ga lupa juga, kta dengerin yukk cerita n kesannya deborah pas ntn :

One day in office, very boring day as usual. I have received email invitation from my church friend called Joseph. He planned to have a night watch movie, “Facing The Giants “in one of my friends house and asked us to join. Facing The Giants? What is that, i have never heard about that before. Is it a new movie in Cathay? Well, before i decided to join, i checked about this movie in the internet and i found a movie with a background of two person in an American Football uniform,  playing American football. First thing comes in my mind, not interesting to watch this movie, boring picture background, no handsome guy, no famous guy, and must be a bored drama story. ^^

Well well, finally after i know the film review from the website itself and from Nia and Joseph also, i decided to watch….So after Indonesian service, we have dinner in Concorde Hotel as usual, then buy some tit bits, then head to Kiky house in Kembangan. Here we go…

 For the first few minutes feel so bored. No handsome actor, no famous guy, no action or fighting (hahaha) well… It’s a Christian drama, can’t expect too much of it. But thanks for those guys who buy lots of tit bits so we can keep our mouth occupied and feel not that boring ^^. 

“Facing the GIant”  is very good at teaching us, that praying and waiting for God’s blessing is worthy. BUT it’s not enough! You also must take an action such as preparing your field and make yourself ready so God can spill His blessing to you, agree? Not only that, this movie also have good morale, remind us that as a Christian, we are blessed because we KNOW HIM and when you are desperate, you may ask God’s help and you are given! Well, i strongly recommend to those people who haven’t watch this movie, watch this movie. You can watch many many times (if you want) just to remind you that you are so blessed because you know Him, Jesus. ^^

 Akhir kata, pengen nonton lagi and minjem dvd nya sama pao (from shine1) hehehe ^^ thanks for Joseph and Kiky yg udh nyumbang listrik and tempat and cable, and peralatan2 yg ada. Waiting for the next round yah. GBU

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